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lence of the winds, which in the Khasia sweep with tremen-
dous fordfe over the nearly level hill-tops.
The flora of the Naga hills is only known by the fc\y notes
published in Griffith's journals, as the collections which he
made there have not been distributed. Except lAquidtjtnbar
and Kaulfussia Assamica, Griffith notes no plants as differing
from those of the Khasia; the general forms are therefore
certainly the same. He especially alludes to the absence of
Conifera, of which however a species is said to abound ou tlie
lulls of Manipur, to the southward. Of genera huliwitiug
elevation, he mentions Acer, Vaccinia, Daphne., Herbaria,
Bucftlandia, Crawfardia, Viburnum, and Cyathea, nil equally
typical of elevation in the Khasia and Eastern Himalaya.
At lower levels, Oaks, Gordonia, Camellia, Mesita, Bucklandia,
Magnolia, dflsculus, Pandanus, Areca, Caryota, and trec-lbrus,
are indicated as prevalent forms.
The valley, or rather marshy plain of the r^ver Surma, which
lies to the south of the Khasia mountains, very much resem-
bles the Assam valley in its general features. Tt is an open
plain, scarcely raised above the level of the sea, which is three
hundred miles distant, and presenting here and there a few
scattered hills: below, it expands into the Jheels of Eastern
Bengal,, and contracts in its upper part, as the spurs of the
Tippera and Naga hills encroach upon it, separating fertile
plains, by narrow ridges covered with dense forest. The moun-
tains which skirt this .plain on the north nowhere attain an
elevation of more than 7000 feet, and those on the south are
very low and everywhere covered with dense forest. The cli-
mate is the same as that of Bengal and Assam, but more
healthy; the rains are heavy, the winter more mild, and the
spring xrtbis* and not hot. The rain-fall at Silhet is very
great, more than 300 inches having been registered in one
year. -At Cachar it is equally heavy.
The vegetation of the open plains of Silhet is the same as